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Welcome to Locsuria Natural HairCare System. At Locsuria, we bring you the best quality in Haircare Products. We are Introducing five Amazing, Power-Packed Moisturizing Shampoo, Purifying Shampoo, Moisturizing Conditioner, Detangling Leave-In Conditioner and Hair Tonic – a Scalp Hairdressing. These products are formulated to address the needs of Today’s Health-Conscious Consumers.

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Argan Organic Hair Oil

Clarifying Shampoo show

Coconut Clarifying Shampoo

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Coconut Moisturizing Shampoo

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Coconut Moisturizing Conditioner

detangling leave in

Coconut Detangling Leave – in Conditioner

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Coconut Hair Tonic

argan hair tonic

Argan Hair Tonic


Locsuria Edge Control



Loscuria Packaged Products

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Everyday, We at Locsuria, strive to ensure a balance in our practices and in our reflection to a serious commitment for a Healthy Planet.
We work in Harmony with Mother Nature to bring you natural, effective products to heal, nature and restore your hair’s natural Beauty. And so, the formulation in our products will undoubtedly improve the texture of Curly, Wavy, Natural, Straight, Relaxed, Color-Treated and Locked Hair.

When to use Argan Oil


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  After many years of relaxing my hair, I decided to go natural about three years ago. Locsuria gives me the added moisture my hair craves It accentuates my natural curl and it has been aa integral part of my beauty regiment for about a year now. Reeny, thanks for creating amazing hair products – Cheryl

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TIP 1: Locsuria Argan Oil is formulated to promote overall health by Moisturizing, Softening as well as Protecting your Hair and Skin! It absorb quickly and is non-greasy! Referred to as “liquid gold”, you can use argan oil over your entire body!

TIP 2: Remember, your hair is called your Crowning Glory because it is. Take care of it and it will repay you in compliments and happy days and nights.