About Us
Locsuria Natural Haircare System is a pure and natural hair maintenance line of products.  The Company was born out of the Passion and Inspiration of a Hairstylist with over twenty four years experience in Hair Design and Research.  Throughout those many years of working with many multi-cultural clientele, it was often asked over and over about where they can purchase chemical-free, non-toxic products for their hair growth and healthy maintenance.

It became apparent that consumers are more and more knowledgeable; desiring and demanding organic products that will maintain their hair in a healthy state. During years of research and development of LHS, it was recognized that there is a need for a functional hair care product - one that truly delivers; one that was not only suitable for everyone, but also one that targeted the desire for healthy hair and scalp.  Therefore, out of this awareness Locsuria was formulated.  All of our products are free from Sulfates, Parabens, Dyes, Petroleum, Mineral Oils and Synthetic Chemicals.  We at Locsuria only use healthier alternatives in our formulations.

Curly textured hair especially needs moisture to aid in its dry tendency and would benefit greatly by using Locsuria. Once you use each product the difference speaks for itself. Finally a product you can count on! LOCSURIA - LUXURY FOR HAIR!